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YouTube Topic Channels

Recognize and download new playlists from the Topic channels that YouTube automatically creates when a song or album is published.
Attention: It is often the case when you click on a new playlist/song in the Topic channel that the song is opened by the artist channel that he uploaded himself.
Here is an example Topic channel: Sha Sha Jones

The first song in the channel: Playboy Q
although it is in the Topic channel, the video automatically created by YouTube should actually open, but instead you are redirected to the video of the artist that she uploaded herself.

This is the real video that was created by YouTube.
It also says so under the video: Provided to YouTube by DistroKid.
However, this video cannot be found in the Topic channel or on the artist's page, this video can be found via the YouTube search bar
Sha Sha Jones - Playboy Q Topic (and then filter by video)
The background to my post is that the playlists automatically created by YouTube when a song or album is released have much better sound quality than the video uploaded by the artist.
In this regard, it would be really great if YouTube downloaders could somehow recognize this and download the videos.

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