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Improvement Request for Audio Converter's Renaming Function

I recently purchased the premium version of the Audio Converter primarily for its renaming function, which has been working well. However, I've noticed an issue when dealing with albums that contain remixes or collaborations, EPs with two different artists, or Various Artists compilations. The Audio Converter creates a separate folder for each artist, causing some inconvenience. I would appreciate it if the software could detect whether it's the same album or ep and refrain from dividing each artist into different folders.

  • MediaHuman
    If you can provide an album you're having trouble with and the results you're trying to achieve, it will be easier to implement this feature.
  • Helgi
    You can experiment with any album or EP that features more than one artist. I just tested this with "Coco Bryce, Dj Y - Knock Out (2019)". I added a folder named "Coco Bryce &, Dj Y - Knock Out (2019)" containing two tracks to Audio Converter. The outcome was two distinct folders: "Coco Bryce - Knock Out (2019)" and "Dj Y - Knock Out (2019)".
  • Helgi
    For more evident results, try using any "Various Artists" compilation containing multiple tracks by different authors and observe how Audio Converter generates a separate folder for each song due to the distinct artists. I believe the software should check if the album name, year, and cover are the same; in such cases, all files should be organized into a single folder.
  • MediaHuman
    So what is the correct output for the example you provided?
    /Music/Various Artists/Knock Out (2019)/track1.mp3
    /Music/Various Artists/Knock Out (2019)/track2.mp3

    We only use the tag information for file naming, and it's a pretty straightforward operation, so if the tags are filled incorrectly - we use them as is.
    I guess it's possible to use the Album Artis tag, but it needs to be set.
  • Helgi
    Here's another example: I used this release https://www.discogs.com/release/15744512-Various-Zodiac, which is a compilation. As you can see in the screenshot – https://i.imgur.com/43u2ZoJ.png, it's a single album with the same release date and cover. All metatags are correct, and they all have "Zodiac" as their album title. However, after converting it, I ended up with four folders – https://i.imgur.com/y2THNhX.png

    1. BLNDR - Zodiac (2015)
    2. Korridor - Zodiac (2015)
    3. Luigi Tozzi - Zodiac (2015)
    4. Ntogn & Luigi Tozzi - Zodiac (2015)

    The correct approach would be to have one folder named "Various – Zodiac (2015)." The software already detects the correct album cover, so I'm unsure why it can't do the same with the naming.
  • Helgi
    Additionally, the software shouldn't disregard the folder name that the user is inputting. The original folder was named "VA - Zodiac (2015) WEB".
  • Helgi
    I mean, it's a straightforward task: if a user adds files from a folder with files containing metadata tags that share the same release date, album title, and cover, they should be organized into one folder. The likelihood of someone adding two albums with the same year, cover, and title simultaneously, to the extent that they could be mixed up, is practically non-existent.