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Auto-Detect Processers defaults depending on Hard Drive Type (Mechanical vs SSD)

One problem I've noticed though is that there is no detection of hard disk type.

I do a lot of conversions and multi-threaded works really well on SSDs. So for that I either let it use all threads or limit to 12 ( I have 16 )

But.. limiting to 12 is really, really slow on mechanical hard disks.. and that makes sense.. because most of the time is being spent or read/writing the data, not the encoding.. for mechanical drives.

So for mechanical drives it should limit to only 1 thread at a time. Please have boxes for limit # of used processors to ... [number] for SSD.. and also another limit box for mechanical drives .

my mechanical drives are portable so don't forget to support mechanical drives over USB.

Many people keep media files on mechanical drives since they take up a lot of space.

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